Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things to know about vampires

vampires are very deadly to humans, but there some things to keep us away, and ways to protect you from us.

1 - strong perfume, or cologne...... vampires have a very strong sense of smell, about ten times stronger than a humans. if we went up to a human that had lots of perfume, or cologne on, the smell would make us feel light headed, dizzy, and sometimes sick........ this is were the garlic myth came from. people a long time ago did not have perfume, or could not afford it. so what they did was they went to there garden and picked something that had a strong smell, like garlic, or onions...... there is one more thing you should about this. a vampire that has not fed in a long time will not care how strong your perfume or cologne is, the only thing a vampire will care about is feeding.

2 - crosses and holy water........ i hate to tell you this, but in the last 250 years i have not been hurt by a cross, or holy water.......... i'm not to sure were this myth came from, i think it came from when people saw us as demons, and they thought god would protect them by using a cross, or holy water. man were they ever wrong.

3 - drive a stake into a vampire's heart.......... here is the thing, a stake to the heart will kill a vampire, but so with a bullet to the head. you can drown us, hang us, set us on fire, all of that will kill a vampire. vampires can be killed just like any human, but we are a lot stronger, faster, and have been hunting and killing all our lives. the last person i hunted, he didn't even know what i was, until it was to late.......... drive a stake into a vampire's heart myth, along time ago vampire hunters / slayers were villagers. when they found a vampire (or thought someone was a vampire) they would get all the men in the village together, and make as many weapons as fast they could, before going after the vampire. they did not have many weapons back them, and the easiest and fastest weapon to make was a wooden stake. "we will hunt this demon down, and drive this stake throw it's black heart."

4 - love........ believe it or not, but vampires can love, and if they fall in love with you, they will not kill you, and not let any harm come to you. but this is not twilight, or the vampire diaries. it would be like a wolf falling in love with a sheep, not going to happen.

5 - be in a crowd....... being in a crowd is the best protection for you. all vampires are smart hunters, they will only go after people when there by themselves. the best thing a vampire has right now is that, people don't believe in us anymore. if we started attacking people in crowds, people would be like "holy shit, there really are vampires," and then all the governments all over the world would get together and hunt us down. we were not worry about this years ago, when humans only had swords. 10 - 20 men with swords, no problem, 10 - 20 men with today's weapons, now that is a problem. that is why now a days we stay hidden, and only attack humans when there by themselves....... have you ever seen on the news, a missing person report. they were walking to the store, or a friends house, and then all of a sudden there gone, and there never found again. 75% of the time vampires had sometime to do with it.


  1. do vampires sometimes change people they hunt like that

  2. What the hell do u think Joseline No u can't walkin daylight unless ur a daywalker

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