Saturday, May 21, 2011

night at the graveyard

i went to a graveyard to feed, because it was friday, and teens always like to party there.

when i got there the party had already began. so i went around to the other side and hoped the fence, and hided in the shadows were they could not see me. i sat and waited for a long time, waiting for the perfect moment. 2 hours had gone by, and finally a young girl, maybe 14/15, stepped away from the party to go pee behind some bushes. that was my moment, i was fast, i had to be, i had little time to get there. she did not see, or hear me come for her. i stopped about 20 feet away form her, and hided in the shadows. i could see her, but she could not see me. she could feel my eyes watching her. she finish and stands up, looking around trying to find out who is looking at her. "who's there?......... is anyone there?" she said that a few times befor she turn away from me. it was so perfect, i ran to her and hit her on the the back of her head knocking her out. i then dragged her into the shadows, and then i cut open her left leg with my claw. the sight and smell of her blood over whelmed me. i could not see, hear, or do anything, but drink the blood flowing from her leg. it made me feel stronger, faster, more alive. her young blood going throw my body, was the best feeling in my life.

after i was done with her, i went home, and left the girl there. don't worry she is fine, she'll wake up later that night, or in the morning, and just think she got drunk, fell, hurt her head and leg. she'll never know what really happen to her that night, never know of the vampire that fed off of her.


  1. I have a question for ya U said in the blog how to turn into a vampire that u won't turn anyone. That doesn't make any sense u what to repopulate. No disrespect but I suggest u reconsider

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